The Principles of Furnishing and Decorating Bedrooms

 The Principles of Furnishing and Decorating Bedrooms

do you see your bedroom as a special space and a place that should reflect who you are?    or you see it as nothing more than a place where you put your bed and sleep?  For most, people 

their bedroom is theirs alone and has to reflect their lifestyle and way of living,  this set of people takes their bedroom decor very seriously,   especially on selecting the bed that they are going to be lying on.  

 And overall they are in Great delight in the overall feeling of their bedroom as an intimate place.

 Are you one of these people?   If the extent of your attachment to your bedroom is just to sleep and dress up Then I guess this article won’t appeal much to you.  Because you probably don’t care what it looks or feels like.

 if you are different from the first set of people mentioned earlier and you are the type that love staying in the bedroom, you probably love decorating it and making it nice and beautiful as much as possible.    you are sure to carve out time out of your busy schedule to choosing your bed and your bedding.

 Whether you are designing your bedroom newly or refurbishing it,  we have put together a few things you will like to think about before you start buying the furniture or whatever you like to put in your bedroom.

 Decoration plan it’s super easy and simple identify a great bed and automatically fall in love with it, or maybe even buying it at first sight, and then you start wondering what else you will put in it to make it fit in the room.  

To avoid such feelings you have got to decide on few things and probably write them down before you start buying anything in your bedroom.

 You have got to answer this simple question which goes like this  (what theme is your bedroom for)  

 what is your budget setting up a bedroom from scratch or doing a complete refurbishment whatever the case may be is not a cheap matter.  How much do you have to spend?  It is better you know how much you have to spend before you even start,  do you know the cost of each item?

    it’s of no use buying that great bed that you have always dreamed of and not been able to buy the right bedding that makes it look great at the end.

The size you need to come back again to the drawing table and strategize if you didn’t include size in your plan.    you cant just go to the market and buy any size of bed that you see, you need to decide on the size before you even step out.  it makes no sense to buy that beautiful bed that makes it impossible for you to move freely around your bedroom.

 Getting the items in if you are living on the first floor of and high rise building this isn’t an issue then,   but for those living on the last floor of a high-rise building, take into consideration how you 

are going to get that furniture in there before paying for the furniture in the market.

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