Associated & Restless: How our sleep is influenced by modern technologies


Associated & Restless: How our sleep is influenced by modern technologies

 after a stressful day at work, you got home tired and you dive into your bed, and then start pressing your phone facing the harsh light of the smartphone for some hours.

 It is important you know that technology can improve and also affect your sleep.  a whopping amount of Nigerian citizens admitting to sleep-related problems.  A lot of people approximately 75 to 80% look at their computer screen or smartphone for an hour or more before going to bed.

 Without any doubt in the mind, Tech could be why we are so exhausted!

 If you’ll be interested in how tech affecting your sleep” Check Out we discovered, after checking out this graphics you will see what makes you exhausted and keeps you awake  Yeah and you will be able to sleep better because there are some  Tech option that is available to aid sleeping.

 I stated above  75 to 80%  of people especially Nigerians is their phone within the hour before bed.

 and here is what everyone should know the effect of not sleeping  7-8 hours a night

Lack of sleep is a major contributing factor for depression,  and inadequate sleep reduces the body’s alertness,  weight gain.    your body can be affected by the blue LED light of electronic devices.  

 Is it getting you too excited that new game you are playing on your phone,  you already know that your body release Cortisol the stress hormone.  junk sleep evening refers to the disrupted sleep we are getting from our digital devices.

 has the world advanced in technology, the number of children with TV  and computers in their bedroom rapidly increase.  It is a proven fact child in their bedroom watch an hour more TV programs than their parent.   it is stated that at least 18% of teenagers are awake during the night by text, email, or phone calls. 

Not only in a child’s life if you sleep less it brings about worse grade memory and attention.

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