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You can get the appearance you want with a Vitafoam wooden bedframe, whether you’re updating an old room or just want to give your space a new feel. A Vitafoam wooden bed frame is a great investment for many reasons, not the least of which are its longevity and aesthetic appeal; in fact, once you’ve slept in one, you may never want to use anything else!

Vitafoam wooden bed frames come in a wide variety of styles, and one of their many attractive features is that each one is often unique.. Depending on the bed’s construction. All Vitafoam wooden bed frame furniture are built to last.
Knowing the kind of wood used in your bed frame is important. Heavy and easily broken, particleboard and plywood should never be used. Oak is strong and long-lasting, but it’s also very heavy, so you might prefer a bed frame made of lighter, fragrant cedar or pine instead. Find a fabric with the right color and weight for you.

Vitafoam wooden bed frame will work for you by mixing it with aggressively modern art fixtures, so long as there is a common concept. Frames crafted from bleached, raw pine woods can be accentuated with simple white fixtures for a squeaky-clean appearance. Find wedding ring blankets to hang on the wall or drape over the bed, and dresser tops with handmade scarves or shawls to complement your new bed frame and complete the room’s with Vitafoam wooden bed appeal.