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We often used Vitafoam pillows to support our body, for sleeping and resting, as a means of comfort. We also use pillows for other purposes such as decoration and therapy. Pillow application is determined by the available space, the type of surface intended to use it for, place of usage, etc.

Vitafoam Pillows are of different types and sizes which also vary in their prices. Below are the most commonly used types of pillows.
Decorative pillows
Body pillows
Throw pillows
Back sit support

Pillows such as Vita-cool memory pillow and Vita-lite memory pillow tend to aid sleep because they support both the head and the neck. Back-sit-support and other types of pillows support the body when sitting. Most of the time we used decorative throw pillows in our homes, especially on chairs or couches’
Basically, there are different shapes, colors, and sizes so selection is based upon individual taste.
In addition to that, pillows like Vita-pearl-pillows tend to consider human body shapes, so doing it increases comfort during sleep.