7 by 7 mattress price in Nigeria free delivery included

7 by 7 mattress price in Nigeria free delivery included

A comprehensive description of 7 by 7 mattress prices and dimensions in Nigeria.

The price of a Vitafoam mattress measuring 7 by 7 ranges from N204,437.68 to N521,065.16 depending on the model and thickness of the 7 by 7 mattress.

Are you in the market for a new 7 by 7 mattress? After that, it is essential to make certain that you purchase the most comfortable mattress. because there lies the possibilities for some complicating factor.

 Because, much like the sizes of clothes and shoes, generally mattress sizes tend to vary greatly from country to country. 

The standard size for a Nigerian 7 by 7 mattress is 84×84 inches

84 inches wide and 84 inches long is the standard size of a Nigerian 7 by 7 mattress.

In the same way that “size 10 shoes” are defined differently in Nigeria, the term “7 by 7  mattress” in Nigeria does not have the same meaning in other parts of the world. 

It is possible that once you have the mattress delivered, you may discover that the size is not perfect for your requirements, even if you believe you have selected the best mattress. 

If you’ve found a good 7 by 7 mattress price in our mattress store – and there are some excellent Black Friday mattress discounts to be had this year – you should move quickly and avoid wasting a lot of time doing research. 

This is because you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to save money on a 7 by 7 mattress. As a result, to be of assistance to you, we have included above answers to all of your inquiries regarding the dimensions of a 7 by 7 mattress.

The benefits of a 7′ by 7′ mattress over smaller ones

The width of a Nigerian 7 by 7 mattress is 84 inches, and its length is 84 inches. This equates to approximately 213 centimeters broad and 213 centimeters long. 

Because it is one of the largest selections for two people to sleep together, it is a wonderful choice for couples that are either of bigger stature, enjoy having more space between them, or frequently have a child or pet sleep with them.

The next size smaller than a Nigerian 7 by 7 mattress, which measures 75 inches by 84 inches (213 centimeters by 190 centimeters), is a Nigerian King size bed.

 The length of a Nigerian king size bed is the same as that of a queen size bed, it is 75 inches. Their major difference is the width which is 75 by 84 and 75 by 72 Nigerian queen size beds.

The dimensions of a typical Nigerian queen size bed are 75 inches by 72 inches respectively.

 The queen bed is often considered to be the best suitable for a couple’s needs, despite its smaller size. 

4.5 by 6  are the smallest type of sleeping arrangements for couples. They measure 75 inches in length and 54 inches in width (or approximately 190 x 78cm). If, on the other hand, a king size seems like it might be too small, the next size up is a 7 by 7 mattress, which is something that we already  discussed in the above paragraphs.

Because there is enough space in a 7 by 7 mattress, the motion of one person moving around won’t be as distracting to the person sleeping next to them.

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