6 by 7 mattress price in Nigeria up to 20 inches latest prices

6 by 7 mattress price in Nigeria up to 20 inches latest prices

Price of a 6 by 7 mattress in Nigeria, ranging from up to 20 inches, most recent pricing.

Prices for a 6 by 7  Vitafoam mattress vary from N99,367.47 to N466,646.55. This wide price range is due to the variety of models available and the varying levels of thickness.

Considering purchasing a new 6 by 7  mattress? After that, you’ll want to get a mattress that’s just right for you in terms of comfort. since it’s in that area where a complication could arise.

 For the same reason that clothing and shoe sizes vary significantly from region to country, mattress sizes also tend to differ greatly. 

The usual dimensions of a 6 by 7 Vitafoam mattress in Nigeria are 84 inches by 75 inches.

A 6 by7 Vitafoam mattress in Nigeria typically measures 84 inches wide by 75 inches long.

Just as “size 32 shoes” has an entirely distinct meaning in Nigeria than it does elsewhere, so too does the term “6 by 7 mattress” in Nigeria have a different meaning than it does elsewhere. 

Even if you are confident that you have picked the finest mattress, it is conceivable that after you get the mattress delivered, you will realise that the size is not suitable for your needs. This can happen even if you believe that you have selected an excellent mattress. 

If you have found a reasonable deal for a 6 by 7 mattress in our mattress store – and there are some wonderful Black Friday mattress discounts to be had this year – you should act promptly and avoid wasting a lot of time doing inquiry. There are some excellent Black Friday mattress discounts to be obtained this year. 

This is due to the fact that you do not wish to lose  the chance to purchase a 6 by 7 mattress at a discounted price. As a consequence of this, and in order to be of service to you, we have provided above answers to all of your questions on the dimensions of a mattress that is 6 by 7 inches.

The advantages of a 6 by 7 mattress above those of a smaller size

What sets apart a 6 by 7 mattress from the  others sizes like 6 by 6 and 5 by 6 etc.

A Nigerian 6 by 7 mattress has a width of 84 inches and a length of 75 inches. Both dimensions are not identically sized. This is equivalent to exactly 190 centimetres in width and 213 centimetres in length. 

The fact that it is one of the best options  for two people to sleep together that is the most spacious makes it a fantastic choice for couples who are either of bigger stature, like to have more space between them, or are inclined to have a child or pet sleep with them.

A Nigerian Queen size bed, having dimensions of 75 inches by 72 inches (190 centimetres by 183 centimetres), is the size that comes immediately after a Nigerian 6 by 7 mattress in the sizing descending order.

 The length of a Nigerian king size bed is 75 inches, which is the same as the length of a queen size bed in Nigeria. The width, which varies from 84 to 75 inches on Nigerian queen size beds, is the primary distinction between these two sizes.

The length and width of a standard queen-size bed in Nigeria are 75 inches and 72 inches, respectively.

 Although its modest size, the queen bed is frequently considered to be the choice that best accommodates the requirements of a couple. 

It’s rare to find sleeping quarters for couples smaller than 4.5 by 6. They have a length of 75 inches and a width of 54 inches, which is equivalent to approximately 190 x 78 centimetres.  This is the smallest bed a couple can think of. If, on the other hand, a  6 by 7 mattress looks as though it could be too small for your needs, the next size up is a 7 by 7 mattress, which is something that we have previously covered before this one.

A 6 by 7 mattress has adequate room for two people to sleep comfortably without being disturbed by the tossing and turning of the person lying next to them. 

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