Vita Grand


Experience the ecstasy of peaceful sleep with the Vita Grand Mattress. This mattress is particularly crafted for individuals weighing under 70kg, focusing on delivering optimal comfort and support. With the Vita Grand Mattress, bid goodbye to soreness or stiffness and welcome refreshing mornings energized after a deep, rejuvenating night’s sleep!

Embrace the comfort of the Vita Grand Mattress! This uniquely designed mattress is perfect for those with a body weight of 70kg or less. The Vita Grand Mattress delivers the right balance of firmness and softness, promising a peaceful night’s sleep. Wake up to serene mornings after a comfortable and replenishing sleep on the Vita Grand Mattress!

Get introduced to a good night’s sleep with the Vita Grand Mattress! Developed specifically for individuals with body weight up to 70kg, this mattress provides superior support and comfort. The Vita Grand Mattress is designed with special foam to offer a perfect combination of softness and firmness, ensuring undisturbed and relaxing sleep after a tiresome day!


4.5x6x10, 4.5x6x12, 4.5x6x14, 4.5x6x20, 4.5x6x8, 4x6x10, 4x6x12, 4x6x8, 5x6x10, 5x6x12, 5x6x16, 5x6x20, 5x6x8, 6×3.5×10, 6×3.5×12, 6×3.5×8, 6x3x10, 6x3x8, 6x6x10, 6x6x12, 6x6x14, 6x6x20, 6x6x8, 6x7x10, 6x7x12, 6x7x14, 6x7x20, 6x7x8

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