CEO/Managing Director, Vitafoam Nigeria PLC

CEO/Managing Director, Vitafoam Nigeria PLC

Vitafoam Nigeria Plc.    Managing Director, Mr. Taiwo Ayodele Adeniyi

Mr. Taiwo has a B.Sc. and in Chemistry from the University of Lagos, as well as an in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom.

In 2009, he was given the Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Employee, and in 2012, he was given the Nigerian National Productivity Order of Merit Award.

He got his start in business at Pharma Deko Pie, where he learned a great deal about managing operations and creating new products. He began working at Vitafoam in 2007 as the company’s Logistics Manager,

then moved into the Manufacturing Manager role in 2010, and remained there until his promotion to Executive Director in July of 2012, and then to Technical Director in July of that same year.

On April 22, 2015, Mr. Adeniyi took over as acting Managing Director, and on June 4, 2015, he was officially named Managing Director.

Summarised history of Vitafoam

Summarised history of Vitafoam

Foam is a primary product at Vitafoam Nigeria Plc, which has its headquarters in Lagos.  Production of both flexible and rigid polyurethane products makes it one of the leading foam manufacturers in Nigeria.

Apart from Vitafoam Nigeria, the company has a stake in Vitafoam Ghana and Vitafoam Sierra Leone.

Throughout the year 2011, the company formed a strategic partnership with a rival company: Vono Products.

Prior to making the investment.

With the purchase of Vono Products,  the company was able to grow its market share in the furniture industry. 

Four of the business’s subsidiaries—Vitapur, Vitagreen, Vitavisco, and Vitablom—are responsible for the innovative sleeping solutions the company invested in during the 2000s.

Vitapaur provides insulating materials that are kind to insulation.

In 1962, British Vita teamed together with regional distributor G.B. Ollivant to establish the company. In 1963, Ikeja Industrial Area started making latex foam pillows and mattresses. 

Due to changes in the law that took effect in 1978, British Vita cut its shareholding in half.

Mission statement: What exactly is the mission statement for Vitafoam?

mission statement Vitafoam: To provide people in the consumer and industrial market segments with cutting-edge products that provide value for the money and suit their varied needs in terms of functionality, comfort, and style as a means of serving those customers. 

Being the foundation for both our existing accomplishments and anticipated development, unwavering dedication to quality and dependability in service will always serve as the compass that directs actions.

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