6 by 6 mattress 12-inch mattress price in Nigeria

6 by 6 mattress 12-inch mattress price in Nigeria

Understanding the Price Range of a 12-Inch 6×6 Mattress in Nigeria

Experience the unbeatable comfort and luxury of a 12-inch mattress that promises you a perfect night’s sleep. Let’s delve into the realm of such mattresses, commonly referred to as the 6×6 mattresses in Nigeria, and explore their varying prices.

Introduction to 6×6 12-Inch Mattresses in Nigeria

The 12-inch mattress, more famously known as the 6×6 mattress in Nigeria, is widely celebrated for its superior space, quality, durability, and unparalleled comfort. But what most potential buyers ponder upon is – What is the price of a 12-inch 6×6 mattress in Nigeria?
A 12-inch 6×6 mattress price in Nigeria varies greatly, much like its quality and feature offerings. Generally, pricings range from N199,971.83 to N490,077.79 depending upon various critical factors such as the brand, material, Quality etc.

Why Does the Pricing vary so much?

Introduction to 6x6 12-Inch Mattresses in Nigeria

Why does the 12-inch 6×6 mattress price fluctuate so much? Good question! Several factors influence these mattresses’ pricing, some of the key ones being brand reputation, material quality, and additional features like waterproof exterior, hypoallergenic properties, etc.

Navigating the Cost Spectrum

At the lower end of the price range, you can expect to find basic mattresses with standard foam material, usually aimed at the budget crowd. As you move higher into the pricing spectrum, the features get more luxurious like memory foam or latex material, orthopedically approved designs, and others.

Ensuring Quality

Regardless of your budget, it’s important to ensure that the mattress, whether at N125,000 or N299,000, offers a comforting sleep and satisfactory quality. A luxurious mattress is worthless if it does not meet your personal needs and provide the comfort you seek.

Although the price range for 12-inch 6×6 mattresses in Nigeria is broad, understanding your individual requirements and being aware of available options guarantees you get the best bang for your buck. A well-made mattress is a sound investment in your well-being, promising improved sleep and, in turn, a better quality of life.
Are you ready to invest in the comfort of a 12-inch 6×6 mattress?

Why Choose a 12-Inch 6×6 Mattress? Uncover the Advantage

 Discover the advantage of a 12-Inch 6×6 Mattress. Its superior comfort, durability, accommodating size, and pleasing aesthetics make it a top choice for anyone looking to upgrade their bed. Uncover why it stands out in the market.

Are you planning to upgrade your old bed? Why not consider an upgrade that will elevate your comfort level significantly? Enter the 12-Inch 6×6 Mattress. You might be curious, what makes it uniquely beneficial? What’s in it for you? Let’s delve into its advantages.

Advantage of a 12-Inch 6×6 Mattress

Akin to having your piece of cloud, a 12-Inch 6×6 Mattress brings you an unparalleled level of spaces that’s hard to resist. The thickness stands out, ensuring an excellent cushioning effect. But, apart from the obvious, do you wonder what essentially makes it a top choice?

Superior space and Support

To start, a 12-Inch 6×6 Mattress offers stellar comfort and support. It’s specially designed to adapt to your body’s shape, providing the much-needed sleep your body longs for.
Surprised, you might ask, “How does this mattress contour to one’s body shape?” The secret lies in Memory foam’s unique construction and layers, each contributing to its superior comfort.

Prolonged Durability

‘A stitch in time saves nine’. This old adage holds true, especially when investing in mattresses. Opting for a Quality 12-Inch 6×6 Mattress ensures you a hefty return in the long run. Its durability aspect is worth praising, resisting sagging and maintaining firmness over an extended period.

Accommodating Size

With the dimensions 6×6, it not only accommodates restless sleepers but also those who wish to share their space. Co-sleeping with your buddle of joy? Need a good stretch? It’s all covered!

Sumptuous Aesthetics

Luckily, buying a 12-Inch 6×6 Mattress is not just about practicality, but also aesthetics. With its plush and luxurious appearance , it gives a modern touch to your bedroom.

Picking the Perfect 12-Inch 6×6 Mattress

While the advantages of a 12-Inch 6×6 Mattress are bountiful, you might wonder how to choose the perfect one. Look for quality materials, check for reviews, and ensure it suits your individual needs and preferences.


Enjoy the advantage of a 12-Inch 6×6 Mattress. The right mix of unparalleled comfort, durability, size, and aesthetic value make it a top-notch choice. It’s a revamp your bedroom and sleep quality rightly deserve!

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