Updated Orthopedic mattress prices in Nigeria-June -2023

Updated Orthopedic mattress prices in Nigeria-June -2023

Click here to get current Vitafoam Orthopeadic mattress prices or call us on 09094222270. Where can I find an orthopaedic mattress? You might want to consider ordering one of these if you are having trouble staying asleep during the night or suffer from persistent back or neck pain.

Vitafoam Orthopedic mattress is a high-density mattress made for users who desire firmer support to assist lift pressure points off bones and muscles, hence providing a distinct sleeping surface conducive to good health. It has a firm texture, as opposed to a soft one – it is completely solid. Created to satisfy orthopaedic requirements

A properly positioned spine is one of the main benefits of resting on an orthopaedic mattress. Further, they stay away from sensitive areas. Better, more restful sleep with fewer interruptions is the result of doing this.

Vita Galaxy Orthopedic mattress
Vita Galaxy Orthopedic mattress

These modern orthopaedic mattresses are typically firm. These will mould to your back, supporting your upper body and closing the space in your lower back.

Replacement of a mattress is recommended somewhere between 7 and 10 years. An orthopaedic mattress is a fantastic option to consider if you need a new mattress. The difference will be obvious to you.


There are a diverse sizes of orthopaedic mattresses available to meet the needs of different people and their budgets. The orthopaedic foam mattress is one of the most well-liked varieties of orthopaedic beds.

This is often fabricated from memory foam, so it not only provides back support but also maintains that posture and gradually restores itself. This feature makes these beds particularly convenient for couples who want to avoid disturbing one another during the night.

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