How to Choose the Perfect Vitafoam Mattress

How to Choose the Perfect Vitafoam Mattress

Shopping Advice for Vitafoam Mattress.

The mattress you sleep in is the most important furniture item that you own. Most adults require between 6 and 8 hours of sleep per night. Restless nights, sore backs, and daytime tiredness are all possible results of sleeping on an unsuitable mattress.

For some people it’s not really easy to figure out which Vitafoam mattress is best for their needs. To put it another way: how do you decide what to buy? With the information in this article, you should be able to locate a suitable mattress and get a good night’s rest.

If you’re looking for a comfortable mattress, Vitafoam has options!

If you're looking for a comfortable mattress, Vitafoam has options!.jpg

Vitafoam Mattresses come in an almost infinite variety of styles and levels of luxury. Do you like to sleep on something that supports your body? Or perhaps you prefer the sensation of floating on air while you sleep

( Vita Sizzler). Vita spring firm mattresses and spring flex mattress comes with a wide variety of comfort layers:

Vita spring Firm Mattresses has more densely packed coils and a thicker top layer to provide additional surface support. The combination makes Vita spring Firm Mattresses a good choice for people with back pain because of the supportive surface it provides when sleeping.

Vita Sizzler mattresses are soft and supportive, the sleeping surface of a plush mattress is the result of numerous layers of foam and fabric. Plush top mattresses have stronger side walls to stop you from sliding off.

Vita Sizzler mattresses have extra padding on top to keep you from rolling off the bed as you sleep. Vita Sizzler mattresses are the most comfortable( although sleeping preference differs)  because soft materials are woven into the top.

Mattresses like Vita Galaxy classic, which are known as “Semi Orthopaedic mattress” are typically made with 80% of orthopaedic foam and 20% of a high density foam. A comfortable surface means you won’t have to worry about rolling off the side of your bed.

Vitafoam Mattresses prices of All Sizes April-2023

There are four standard mattress sizes available: 4.5 by 6, 5 by 6,  6 by 6 (Queen size) and King size mattress. Make sure there is adequate space on all sides of the proposed mattress placement before making a final decision. For a rundown of available Vitafoam mattress dimensions, and prices see below.

Vita shine mattresses work great in a kid’s bedroom. They’re the perfect size for a child’s bedroom while still being roomy enough for them to move around while playing.

Vita Corona and Grand mattresses are ideal for a teen’s room, a guest bedroom, or a college dorm.

Vitafoam Mattresses that are 6 by 6 are the most common and versatile option available in Nigeria. They fit in perfectly in compact bedrooms and master bedrooms.

Vitafoam king-sized beds and mattresses

Vitafoam king-sized beds and mattresses.jpg

Two  people can sleep comfortably on a king-sized bed, thus these mattresses are ideal for spacious master bedrooms.

When compared to standard 6 by 6 mattresses, King mattresses are wider. They work well in spacious master bedrooms and other spaces with peculiar layouts.

Improve your routine of getting to sleep and staying asleep!

The quality of your sleep will improve after you’ve chosen the right mattress. You will sleep soundly all night long on a mattress that provides adequate lumbar and ergonomic support without rolling and turning. This means you will experience less back soreness, will feel revitalised upon waking, and will have more energy throughout the day. 

We have the perfect Vitafoam mattress to help you get the quality sleep you deserve.

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A good night’s sleep is guaranteed at Vitafoam Shop

Advancements in Vitafoam mattress have made it possible to give support and comfort that no other mattresses can match. Our Vita Galaxy Orthopaedic mattress collection provides a quality Back Support that has been shown in scientific studies to reduce back pain.

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