6 by 6 Vitafoam Mattress Prices In Nigeria Updated prices from Vitafoam

6 by 6 Vitafoam Mattress Prices In Nigeria  Updated prices from Vitafoam

6 by 6  (8 – 20 inches) Vitafoam Mattress Prices In Nigeria February, 2023

6 by 6 vitafoam mattress price

Vitafoam mattress is universally recognised as the epitome of value in the mattress industry. Vitafoam offers a wide range of 6 by 6 mattress types to meet the needs of any family, all at reasonable costs.

The cost of a 6 by 6 mattress that takes advantage of the latest in bedding technology is usually rather high, yet Vitafoam  6 by 6 mattresses are among the most competitively priced options available without sacrificing quality.

In Nigeria, Vitafoam is one of the leading brands in the mattress industry that has made it feasible for customers to acquire the benefits of modern technologies like memory foam and all-natural latex without breaking the bank.

Vitafoam is in a unique position to provide high-quality 6 by 6 mattresses at significantly lower prices than its counterparts because of the strategic production decisions adopted by the company.

Vitafoam makes its own spring Mattresses, frames, foundations, and even processes their own foam right there in their factories. All of these steps drastically cut down on the money spent on producing each Vitafoam mattress, which means further savings for you.

Check out these (8 – 20 inches) Vitafoam 6 by 6 mattresses 

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Rather than buying a cheap one because you assume that’s all you can afford. Thanks to Vitafoam, customers can get their hands on a longer-lasting mattress without breaking the bank.


Vitafoam mattresses include everything a customer needs in a mattress. Vitafoam has almost every type of mattress imaginable, from the most luxurious to the most economical, in every price range. Offering a wide range of styles and pricing points, these 6 by 6 mattresses are suitable for any household.

Both the Vita Galaxy Orthopaedic and Vita- Galaxy Classic mattresses are manufactured from hypoallergenic materials that provide exceptional back and joint support while conforming to the shape of the sleeper’s body.

Because it moulds to your shape as you sleep, this mattress is the healthiest option available. You can choose from a variety of visually appealing fabric options for your new Vitafoam mattress. There are a variety of mattress textures, including plush, and firm, from which to pick.

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Vitafoam Company is at the top of its field because of the superior quality of its products and the low prices it offers.

To sum up, Vitafoam is right up there with the greatest mattress makers in the world when it comes to appreciating the importance of a good night’s sleep. Accordingly, Vitafoam  provides 6 by 6 mattresses of unparalleled quality and comfort at rates that are lower than those of their competitors.


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