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For a better night's sleep, make sure you invest in the following.

Almost everyone knows that a good night's sleep is important for one's health, yet the majority of people get just a few hours of sleep .
Another way of looking at it is that getting less hours of sleep each day is a desirable th...

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In a year you use your pillow for over 2500 hours, Approximately let’s say 100 days consecutively. Some people see pillows as something they can just use to lay their head on at night, but the truth is, pillows are more than that. Pillows play a significant role in getting a goodnight’s sleep. No...

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Where to start from when cleaning the bedroom
If the floor is neat, start by dusting the desk, Edge of the windows, and bookshelf, Also lookout for places that appear to be dirty. Use the cleaning solution to wipe and sanitize anywhere that is needed.

Your next step now is to tidy and organize...

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According to scientists in the 20th century, when we are asleep it is not a passive withdrawal from the world.

Basically, there are two types of sleep: a quiet phase and an active phase.
These two sleep types can be differentiated by differences in psychology, biochemistry, behavior, and phys...

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Increasing numbers of Nigerians are opting to remain in their current residences rather than making a move in the housing market at this time. As a result, families are resorting to home modifications and space-saving solutions in order to make their living spaces more pleasant.

To maximize a ...

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The Advantages of a Vitafoam Orthopedic Mattress
Everyone requires sleep, therefore making the decision on which mattress to purchase is not an easy one.

If we suffer from back pain or other conditions that might be largely caused by sleeping on a poorly supportive mattress, we must invest in a...

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Is it time to replace your old mattress? Therefore, there has never been a better moment to think about investing in a Vitafoam mattress. All conventional sizes are offered, including cot, twin, as well as King sizes.

At first glance, a sustainable mattress may appear out of reach. As a result, ...

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It is extremely important that no one undervalues the significance of a comfortable bed.

Because we spend up to 17 years of our lives sleeping on average, purchasing a bed and a Vitafoam mattress is one of the most significant purchases we will make in our lifetimes.

Make a comparison between ...

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The market currently has a wide variety of mattresses, which may make even the process of selecting one feel like an unsolvable puzzle.

A person might be assisted in making the mattress purchase that is most suitable for them by gaining some knowledge on the many categories of mattresses.


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4 weeks ago
It was an impromptu order but I got George to make my delivery happen same day. Very efficient and professional service. I love my order too!!!!
- Hauwa S
a year ago
I bought an orthopedic mattress at Vitafoamshop some years back, because it was recommended by the doctor. I've been using the orthopedic mattress since then but I needed to switch to a softer mattress. Because there are so many mattresses in the market I was having a decision headache until I did a Google search and I came across vitafoamshop that was when I started chatting with a sales representative that suggested to me that I have two option. the first option he gave to me was buying a semi orthopedic mattress, the second option he gave to me was to buy a memory topper. Which I later settled for. I'm grateful for helping me to save cost.
- Forcefield f
a year ago
6 by 6 mattress that's my bed frame size and I've been using it for over six years now, but I feel that it needs to be replaced, I didn't know where to start from concerning the search for a new mattress. My neighbor recommended me to the Vitafoam shop he said that is where he bought the mattress that is using for over 2 years now and he doesn't have any complaint about it and it's still providing enough comfort for him, so I went out to the address that he gave to me. On getting there I saw different types of mattresses, I bought a 6 by 6 mattress and also get one Vitafoam orthopedic mattress for my mum at a good price.
- Ubong I

Vitafoam Mattress, Orthopedic Mattress

Vitafoam mattress,  mattress sizes, mattress prices, orthopedic mattress and the very best mattress in Nigeria. We sell all types of Vitafoam products, like mattresses, pillow, Duvet, Bedsheets, furniture, etc, at the assigned price from the head office without adding any additional price of our own. You enjoy free delivery, a heavy discount and much more.

We are a key distributor of Vitafoam Nigeria PLC, we have been marketing and introducing people to Vitafoam products since 2012. Vitafoam Shop has been the name behind "first' in the industry and gains a reputation for marketing Vitafoam products. Today Vitafoam shop is proud to be the #1 Vitafoam products marketer in Lagos Nigeria. we keep standard in everything we do and we continuously strive to deliver in time that is why you can expect us to always create innovative sleep solutions, we work seamlessly with our staff to achieve that. Vitafoam Shop owns and manages one of the largest Vitafoam mattress ordering centers in Lagos Nigeria.  

About Vitafoam In 1949 Vitafoam was founded by Norman Grimshaw  £ 100 capital at Gren Mill Oldham, England. Vitafoam into manufacturing latex cushion and mattresses. According to history, the very first customer of Vitafoam was Wrays furniture retailers in Lees, Oldham and the original cheque payment for £39 has been preserved and retained. From these humble beginnings, a multinational company was born.  

We value your sleep and we will do our best to make you sleep better using any of our mattresses so be confident of your purchase with us. at Vitafoam Shop we understand that there is a time you will need a different level of comfort even after you have carried out a careful selection on your purchase. Vitafoam Shop only accepts the change of mattress within the first 12 hours of purchase when the nylon has not been strip off the mattress,  read more

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